Reimagining Permia: the Cibus

Cibus unit

Permia lore portrays the Cibus people as traders and diplomats. Therefore it’s important for us that they look like someone you wouldn’t mind having a conversation with. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case with the original 2013 appearance. People thought the Cibus looked like creepy aliens or mutants, not friendly traders.

Our first attempt was to turn them into essentially green-skinned humans. This looked alright and could have worked out fine with for game, but we decided to explore other options as well.

One suggestion was to base them on aquatic reptiles or amphibians since they are people who are equally at ease under water as on dry land. A few initial sketches suggested that this could be a very appealing look, so we decided to pursue this path instead.

Our initial testing suggests that the salamander-like Cibus are a very solid concept, since now many players seem to intuitively grasp that the Cibus units can swim whereas this wouldn’t have been obvious with green humans.

For their material culture, we decided to give the Cibus mostly cloth based equipment to underline the fact that theirs is a mostly civilian society. The basic shapes of Cibus equipment are round or curved as a contrast to the sharp and symmetric shapes of the Aeros.

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